This three-minute video, developed by the Center on the Developing Child, depicts how actions by a range of people in the family and community can affect a child’s development. 
Change the First Five Years and You Change Everything

ZERO TO THREE's Policy Center recently released a new video, A Window to the World: Promoting Early Language and Literacy Development.  The video illustrates how early language and literacy development contributes to a child’s success throughout life.


FOCUS Packets

Each month a packet of resources and materials is compiled surrounding the month’s FOCUS and distributed to all organizations that request the information for distribution in local communities.  It is our hope that this monthly focus will provide more attention to birth to five statewide.  For more information, please contact Bailey McKell.

A Guide to Early Childhood Services
The Alabama Access Guide to Early Childhood Services was designed to help service providers streamline the connection of children and families to the supports they need. The original guide is a 34"x16" poster and you can email Alycia Jeong to learn about and order more.

As an alternative to the poster, we've created an easy-to-print, PDF version:

Connect the Dots...Early Literacy
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